About us

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Wue is a dainty and eclectic store filled up with gifts that are full of meaning and sprinkled with a little wit + fun. Created by a self-confessed obsessive compulsive who is simply passionate about the greatness of small things, Wue hopes to bring whimsical fun and simple loveliness into each day making you feel giddy, hopeful and special.

Inspired by our love of little cleverness and beautiful verse, all of Wue’s collection is designed, made and handpicked by us in Sunny England.

Fact Sheet

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Wue = Wu (edwards)
Wue loves vintage and subtlety.
Wue collects ribbons, laces, teacups and old postcards.
Wue believes in karma and in the art of giving.
Wue trusts love and a good mint choc chip ice cream.
Wue LOVES to eat.
Wue sometimes leaves little gifts in random places for someone, anyone to find.
Wue dreams of sunshine 24/7.